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“…the characters are superbly written, their intertwined relationships riveting and the actual source of Billy’s “fall” is nothing short of creative genius. ~Ashley Fontainne – Amazon Bestselling Author, Accountable to None Full Review

“I found myself, literally, on the edge of my seat hoping that one of my favorite characters did not just bite the big one.” ~J. Scott Sharp – Author,  Not Even There (A Short Story)   Full Review

“If you want tried and true, staid and predictable, read something else.” ~G.A. Albrethsen – Author, The Foolish and the Weak (Age of Restoration)   Full Review

“But right out of left field MacGowan makes the book explode, literally and in your face…” ~Tom Stronach – Blogger and Book Reviewer at Is it me?   Full Review

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