I Built a Mountain I built a mountain. When I reached the top of that mountain, I found I was afraid of heights. I slipped, tumbled head over heels until I crashed at the bottom. My leg was broken, but not my spirit. I bided my time until that leg healed, yet I waited, and waited longer. “It’s too cold to climb today,” I’d say to myself. “It’s too windy. … Continue reading

Balancing Writing and Managing a Family – Guest Post by M.J. Kane

I’d like to welcome Amazon bestselling author, M. J. Kane, to Diapers, Bookmarks, and Pipe Dreams. She’s an author and social media friend with a story similar to my own. She’s here to discuss balancing writing and managing a family while writing an Amazon bestselling book. Stay tuned and check out the cover art and a blurb below from her bestseller, A Heart Not easily Broken! M. J. Kane – … Continue reading

#ANA2012 – America’s Next Author Contest – I’m In!

America’s Next Author Contest (AKA #ANA2012) America’s Next Author, or #ANA2012, is a short story writing contest hosted by eBookMall, a growing eBook retailer. I won’t go into too much detail here, but if you’re an author interested in joining, click here to go to the #ANA2012 FAQ page for more information. You may have noticed that I’ve tweeted about the America’s Next Author Contest (AKA #ANA2012) and my short story entry, One … Continue reading

Perspective – Why is it So Hard to Maintain?

We’re told to keep things in perspective, to maintain a positive attitude. Unless you’ve lived under a rock your whole life (and maybe even then), this is easier said than done. Let me share my experiences over the last three weeks and hopefully show you what I mean. A Three Week Roll Three weeks ago, my car broke down after breaking down twice last month. Let me assure you, our … Continue reading

10 Things To Do Before You Give Up On Your Dreams – Guest Post by Gideon Stevens

One thing you learn right away in the literary field is that a writer is a writer, is a writer, etc. Whether we write poetry, short stories, fiction or non, fantasy or thrillers, we have the same goals, aspirations, dreams, and troubles. Today’s guest post is brought to you by Gideon Stevens, a Twitter pal of mine and author of Writing Non-Fiction: the Five Step Method. He discusses a thought … Continue reading

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