Flash Fiction: The Rookie by Kirkus MacGowan

The online magazine, Fitness Digest US, accepted this flash fiction piece awhile back. This is the first time I’ve shared it on my blog. It’s told in first-person and based on an actual childhood memory. The Rookie Sunlight reflects from the upper grandstands into my Oakley sunglasses. I have one foot inside the batter’s box, the other pointed toward the third-base coach while his hands run through the signs. His … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: The Appointment by Jase Rosenburg

Jase Rosenburg wrote today’s flash fiction piece, The Appointment, in February and it stuck in my head. It’s simple, short, and heartfelt. Thanks for sharing with us today, Jase!       The Appointment (Flash Fiction) He sat on the park bench and looked at his watch. The band was tattered and barely holding together, but it was his. It was the last thing that he actually owned. He’d lost … Continue reading