Becoming an Indie Author – Guest Post by KJ Waters

You know how you get to that point where you’re so far behind you just need to take a break? That was me… only my break has been around a month. Lucky for me, I have friends like KJ who keep reminding me I need to get back in the social media game. I’m sharing a guest post she sent me quite awhile ago. This is my public apology to … Continue reading

Banning Sugary Drinks? Really?

When I first read about New York banning sugary drinks, I thought it was a joke. Now that I’ve had some time to think about the subject, I’m a bit torn. I’ll post my thoughts, and then I’d like to hear what you think. I don’t regularly discuss health topics on my blog, but as a parent constantly concerned with my children’s health, I thought this one was worth the time. … Continue reading

Vacation: Different Meaning for Different Folks

Everybody needs a vacation once in awhile. The difference is what kind of vacation that person needs. This weekend, my family went on what I’m calling a “mini-vacation.” We had three extra days off, including the weekend. Believe it or not, I took time away from social media and writing to hang out with my family and relax. Even while relaxing, my brain focused on writing. I thought this was … Continue reading

Inspiration: Mayonnaise Jar and Two Beers

A few days ago I found a wonderful post named, Mayonnaise Jar and Two Beers, when I visited one of my favorite online hot spots, Tom Stronach’s blog, Is it me? I’ve mentioned him a time or three on my blog and for good reason… he makes me laugh! Honestly, he’s a cool guy with a great sense of humor. Besides posting massive amounts of book reviews, he also blogs about food, … Continue reading

Stealing Time – Guest Post by K.J. Waters

Today’s post about stealing time is brought to you today by K. J. Waters, a friend in the midst of finishing her first novel. We often chat on Twitter about squeezing writing in when we can. She’s a fellow stay-at-home parent so we share many common issues facing parents and authors pursuing their dreams, time. K. J. shares her story and the epiphany that brought her to where she is … Continue reading

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