I Built a Mountain I built a mountain. When I reached the top of that mountain, I found I was afraid of heights. I slipped, tumbled head over heels until I crashed at the bottom. My leg was broken, but not my spirit. I bided my time until that leg healed, yet I waited, and waited longer. “It’s too cold to climb today,” I’d say to myself. “It’s too windy. … Continue reading

The Moving Blog


Diapers, Bookmarks, and Pipe Dreams is Moving! I’m in the process of switching my blog over to another site. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not that technologically savvy so it’s taking longer than expected. That shouldn’t affect you (hopefully) as I plan to keep the same URL. Hoping to have everything switched by the new year, but I’d say more likely by February of 2014. Everybody is still on my … Continue reading

A Social Butterfly I am Not

social butterfly

A Social Butterfly I am Not Those of you who have followed this blog awhile, or have known me from other social media sites, know that I’ve been absent much of 2013. I’ve been in contact with a few of you to confirm that I’m okay, that I’m still alive and still writing, but for the rest of you I haven’t had the opportunity. This post is more personal than … Continue reading

Physical Cliff – Five Tips to Combat Flu Season


I’m calling this post “Physical Cliff” because I fell off my own almost a month ago and contracted the wonderful flu virus in the process. Those of you who I chat with on Facebook and Twitter have heard the story already, but I wanted to share a few details here on my blog and give a few tips along the way. If you’re not in the mood to hear a … Continue reading

Kidney Stones for Christmas


Merry Christmas Eve! I’m writing this to you this evening as I sit curled into a ball in my chair. My body was so excited for the impending Christmas that it decided to push out a couple kidney stones! I’m basically here to tell you that I’ll be back to my regular blogging activities next week, barring any crazy complications. If you see any spelling errors or crazy word usage, … Continue reading

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