Parenting: Teachings Children to Cope with Stress – 5 Tips


Parenting: Teaching Children to Cope With Stress I’ve had the subject of stress on my mind for a while now. Nothing horrible has happened, but the past few months have tested my anti-stress reserves. I’ll focus only on the most recent set of circumstances. Here is the short version. Two weeks ago, I came down with strep throat. In the midst of the sickness, an opportunity came up that my … Continue reading

Parenting: Should We Set Boundaries for Our Children?

Parenting is an ever-evolving process and defining boundaries is a large part of that process. To say it’s a balancing act is an understatement. Some parents may disagree with parts of this discussion, and if you do, I hope you’ll comment below so we all can see the opposing thoughts. Parenting: Define the Boundaries The first step is defining the given boundary for you and your child, then sticking with … Continue reading

Parenting: Adapt and Adjust to Change

There are two aspects of parenting I never truly understood until becoming a parent myself. 1. Sleep is a rare commodity. I had no idea just how rare it was. 2. Parenting is an evolving process. Children (and parents) change daily and we need to keep up with that change. Using a real life example, I bring up the subject of change because my family is in the midst of … Continue reading

Parenting: Telling Your Child “Don’t Cry”

As far as parenting advice goes, telling your child not to cry seems low on the ladder of importance. It’s not something I’ve done a lot, but I caught myself doing so a few days ago and I really had to think about potential long-term repercussions. The age or sex of your child doesn’t matter. This goes for adults as well. I’ll use an example from my son to explain. … Continue reading

Effective Rewards to Change Child Behavior

Today’s post about effective rewards for children is a follow-up to my recent blog post named, Effective Child Punishment. The purpose of punishment or rewards is to mold our child’s behavior. Using behavior modification techniques, we can improve the likelihood our children will increase or decrease particular behaviors. Rewarding a child for good behavior is more effective than punishing them for the bad. Study after study has proven this (I’ll … Continue reading

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