A Social Butterfly I am Not

social butterfly

A Social Butterfly I am Not Those of you who have followed this blog awhile, or have known me from other social media sites, know that I’ve been absent much of 2013. I’ve been in contact with a few of you to confirm that I’m okay, that I’m still alive and still writing, but for the rest of you I haven’t had the opportunity. This post is more personal than … Continue reading

Writing: You Can’t Control Your Book Sales… Much


Writing: You Can’t Control Your Book Sales… Much I hope all of you out there writing your next novel will stop over to leave your thoughts on this blog post. I’m asked the same question daily by other authors and people just joining the literature field. They want to know the secret to sales and keeping those sales over the long term. My first response is usually that they’re asking the … Continue reading

Writing: Which Book to Write Next?


Which Book to Write Next? Choosing which book to write next has to be one of the hardest decisions to make as an author. At least it is for me. I’ve written a few posts on the subject and I always seem to have a plan in place, but I’ve found those plans rarely come to fruition. Write What You Know We hear this all the time. Writers are supposed … Continue reading

Bestselling Reads – The Answer to Your Fiction Needs

vigilante claude bouchard

Bestselling Reads – The Answer to Your Fiction Needs Bestselling Reads is a group of the latest and greatest indie authors from around the world coming together to bring readers bestselling books, bestselling deals, and bestselling promotional contests. Why am I telling you all this? Somehow, I was invited to this amazing group. I get to spend more time with the likes of Claude Bouchard and Andy Holloman, and I … Continue reading

Writing or Marketing? (Funny) Guest Post by G.A. Albrethsen

Author-G.A. Albrethsen

Marketing? Authors want to write. It’s what we do and what we love. More than ever, indie authors and traditionally published authors alike need to focus on social media. Unless they already have ten thousand fans dying to read their books, but that isn’t true for the majority. G.A. Albrethsen, author of The Foolish and the Weak (Age of Restoration), joins us today to share his thoughts on splitting time … Continue reading

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