Writing or Marketing? (Funny) Guest Post by G.A. Albrethsen

Marketing? Authors want to write. It’s what we do and what we love. More than ever, indie authors and traditionally published authors alike need to focus on social media. Unless they already have ten thousand fans dying to read their books, but that isn’t true for the majority.

G.A. Albrethsen, author of The Foolish and the Weak (Age of Restoration), joins us today to share his thoughts on splitting time between writing and marketing. Well… he shares that inner voice plaguing most authors (though we rarely share that fact) arguing with itself about how he should spend his time.

My Latest Marketing Strategy – G.A. Albrethsen

I’ve been arguing with myself (inside my head, of course) about something for a while now. It goes something like this:

[Author Me] I hate marketing.

[Me Marketeer] Who doesn’t? That’s why they call it a necessary evil. I want people to read my books, don’t I?

[Author Me] Yes, but …

[Me Marketeer] Well, then, people need to know they exist. I don’t have a book-promoting juggernaut at my disposal, remember?

[Author Me] Of course I remember. How could I forget? It’s me and only me.

[Me Marketeer] Well, then, get to it. Make it loud and make it proud.

[Author Me] I don’t want to.

[Me Marketeer] I don’t want to what?

[Author Me] I don’t want to write 140-character classified ads or 1,000-word blog posts. I’m sick of it. I’m an author, not a tweet monkey. I want to write novels—300-plus pages of glorious, thought-provoking prose.

[Me Marketeer] Okay, Mr. Delusions of Grandeur. I don’t think any of my twelve reviewers …

[Author Me] Thirteen. There are thirteen reviews.

[Me Marketeer] Whatever. I don’t think any of them has ever described my writing as “Glorious, thought-provoking prose.”

[Author Me] Maybe not in those exact words, but …

[Me Marketeer] Look. I’ve been at this for a year now. My novel, what’s it called …?

[Author Me] Oh, come on. I’m me. I know what it’s called.

[Me Marketeer] The Foolish and the Weak.

[Author Me] Yes, what about it?

[Me Marketeer] I’ve been trying to sell it for over a year now, right?

[Author Me] Yeah. And?

[Me Marketeer] And I’ve been blogging and tweeting and facebooking about it all that time …

[Author Me] Yes. Well, more or less. I’ve put quite a bit of time into it. More than I want. Maybe not as much as other people, but it’s more than I care to think about, really.

[Me Marketeer] Well, then.

[Author Me] Well, what?

[Me Marketeer] There’s my problem.

[Author Me] Okay.

[Me Marketeer] I’m not having success, because I’m not blogging, tweeting and facebooking … ENOUGH.

[Author Me] (Slap) I’m crazy.an unwitting victim...bwah by bark

[Me Marketeer] Yes I am, but what am I?

[Author Me] That doesn’t even make sense.

[Me Marketeer] Yes it does. Just think about it.

[Author Me] I don’t want to think about it.

[Me Marketeer] Okay. Look. Readers aren’t flocking to the Amazon, iTunes or Barnes & Noble book pages simply because they exist.

[Author Me] No …

[Me Marketeer] So, I need to let them know they’re there.

[Author Me] I have! A lot!

[Me Marketeer] Well, obviously, I need to do it more, because it ain’t working!

[Author Me] Wait. What?

[Me Marketeer] I said …

[Author Me] … I need to do it more because it ain’t working?

[Me Marketeer] Yeah, that’s right.

[Author Me] Am I listening to myself?!?

[Me Marketeer] Apparently not. I’m not tweeting anything. Hop to it.

[Author Me] I must be certified. I just told myself I need to do more of what I know isn’t working.

[Me Marketeer] Here, give me that. I must not be doing it right.

[Author Me] Okkkaaayyyy …

[Me Marketeer] Buy The Foolish and the Weak now, or die …

[Author Me] Don’t write that.

[Me Marketeer] … or your grandmother will die …

[Author Me] Stop it!

[Me Marketeer] This works all the time. Remember all those Nigerian Prince e-mails I keep getting?

[Author Me] I don’t want people to buy my books just because their grandmother will die!

[Me Marketeer] That’s horrible!

[Author Me] That’s not what I meant.

[Me Marketeer] It’s certainly what I said. Now, who’s the evil one?

[Author Me] Just stop. I need to think.

[Me Marketeer] Fine. I’ll just sit here, getting frustrated, doing nothing about it. That’ll teach me!

[Author Me] Wait a minute …

[Me Marketeer] What?

[Author Me] I keep saying my books. As in plural.

[Me Marketeer] Yeah, books is plural.Pirate

[Author Me] Are.

[Me Marketeer] Okkkaaayyy … Am I a pirate now?

[Author Me] No, books are plural.

[Me Marketeer] The word books are plural? That can’t be right. Let me Google that …

[Author Me] Never mind. The point is, I only have one book out.

[Me Marketeer] Yesssss … So?

[Author Me] So I’m sitting here tweeting my brains out over just one book.

[Me Marketeer] Do I have to go over this again? I want people to read my books, right?

[Author Me] There, I did it again. Plural, when it’s singular. There’s just one book.

[Me Marketeer] Well, there’s going to be more than one book someday.

[Author Me] Someday. But, not yet. Not now.

[Me Marketeer] Okay. Maybe in a couple weeks, though. The Wise and the Mighty is in its final edits.

[Author Me] Listen! I’ve been going about this with the mindset that I had more than one book to sell. I’ve been putting all this time into hocking it, when I could have been finishing up book three!

[Me Marketeer] Did I just say hocking?

[Author Me] Focus, please!

[Me Marketeer] Right. Book three. Same Mind, Same Judgment.

[Author Me] Exactly!

[Me Marketeer] Okay, so if I’m understanding this correctly …

[Author Me] I need to write more books. It’s a series, right? Age of Restoration?

[Me Marketeer] Yes, but what about marketing? It still has to be done.

[Author Me] You know, I’ve been looking at other authors’ Amazon pages.

[Me Marketeer] Yeah? Okay?

[Author Me] What? Why the face?

[Me Marketeer] Just the way I said it. I’m creeping me out.

[Author Me] Well, try this. The authors who have more than one book out tend to have higher Amazon seller rankings than those with just one.

[Me Marketeer] I have noticed that. And the hairs on the back of my neck just stood on end.

[Author Me] Well, then? Why am I doing all of this marketing now, when I could be finishing the main part of the series? I’m not even reaching my readership yet.

[Me Marketeer] Obviously.

[Author Me] Oh, now it’s obvious, is it?

[Me Marketeer] Absolutely. That’s who I’ve been trying to reach all this time. So …

[Author Me] So. What?

[Me Marketeer] So, what am I going to do about it?

[Author Me] I’m going to finish writing book three.

[Me Marketeer] I am?

[Author Me] Yes, I am.

[Me Marketeer] What about marketing?

[Author Me] Look, if I hear that word one more time, I’m going to …

[Me Marketeer] What? Hit me?

[Author Me] Go find something to do.

[Me Marketeer] I thought I was going to finish book three.

[Author Me] I am!

[Me Marketeer] Okay, then. No need to get so testy. I’ll just go over here and watch. From a far.

[Author Me] Oh, come on. You know I don’t like mopers.

[Me Marketeer] Mopers? Is that even a word? Where did I put Google …?

[Author Me] I know!

[Me Marketeer] What?

[Author Me] As I finish up book three …

[Me Marketeer] Yeah?

[Author Me] I’ll tweet about my progress.

[Me Marketeer] Really?

[Author Me] Really. Maybe drum up some interest that way.

[Me Marketeer] I like it. It’s the best idea I’ve heard all day. I’ll get right to it.

[Author Me] Good. Maybe I’ll finally get something done around here.

[Me Marketeer] What? What was that?

[Author Me] Nothing. Happy tweeting!

[Me Marketeer] Hey, tweeps! I’m back to working on book three. Finally convinced myself it was a good idea. That means less tweeting about book one. I know, sad …

[Author Me] Don’t overdo it.


A quick thanks to G.A. Albrethsen for joining us today. He’s a long time Twitter pal and author friend whose advice I often seek (his wry sense of humor is a bonus!). He’s not the type to follow the crowd and he uses solid logic to make the tough publishing choices many of us bumble our way through.

Stay tuned for more information about G.A. Albrethsen and his first book, The Weak and the Foolish (Age of Restoration).

G.A. Albrethsen

Author-G.A. AlbrethsenG. A. Albrethsen was born on June 27, 1966, in Provo, Utah, where his parents lived while his father attended Brigham Young University. After living for brief periods of time in Puyallup, Washington, and also Scio, Oregon, his family moved first to Sweet Home, Oregon, and later to Junction City, Oregon, where he graduated from high school in 1984.

He attended a year of college at Brigham Young University, then served a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Afterward, he held a variety of jobs completely unrelated to writing or publishing until in June of 1997, when he was brought on as the editor of a small, rural weekly newspaper. Since that time, he has either co-owned or been the sole owner of two small weekly Pacific Northwest newspapers.
He enjoys being with his family, attending church, writing, reading, drawing, current events, video games, sports, politics, technology, science and cars.

(Author bio and photo taken from the Meet the Author page on Aevea Publishing.)

Lean more about G.A. Albrethsen on his blog by clicking here. Follow him on Twitter here. Follow him on Facebook here.

The Foolish and the Weak (Age of Restoration)

The Foolish and the Weak (Age of Restoration)Oblivious to the fact that she is being chased by would-be kidnappers, nineteen-year-old Paz Kirkegaard flees the scene of a date gone wrong only to keep on running as she and her family try to determine who is behind the abduction plot and why. Not knowing who they can trust, they crisscross the U.S. looking for refuge and clues.

In the meantime, Paz discovers things about her mother, Paloma, she never knew, even as mysterious changes begin to take place in her own being. What’s happening to Paz? Why is she growing? Why does she eat so much? And what about the white flame? Paloma knows, but she’s not telling.

THE FOOLISH AND THE WEAK, the first book in the AGE OF RESTORATION series, is available for Kindle and all Kindle apps at Amazon.com, the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod via iTunes or iBooks, and on the Nook and Nook apps at BarnesandNoble.com.

(Book Description via Aevea Publishing)

Pick up your copy now. E-book format available for $.99 (U.S.) for a limited time!

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Book 2 in the Age of Restoration series coming soon!

The Wise and the Mighty (Age of Restoration)

The-Wise-and-The-Mighty-(Age-of-Restoration)Something is happening to Paz and her family. It involves darkness and strange pieces of metal. Still trying to determine who is behind the plot to kidnap Paz, the Kirkegaard family returns to Washington, DC only to be derailed in their quest for who is responsible. Is someone manipulating them, causing divisions? If so, who, and why? Will the Kirkegaards overcome this new, unseen peril, or will they ultimately succumb to it?

(Book Description via Aevea Publishing)

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  1. Haha – a funny post, but with so much truth within! Yes, yes, ok, I’ll prioritise writing book 2 over networking and marketing. I kind of knew I should, but what if our small but loyal readership forgets about us……Oh right, the next book will remind them! 😉
    Oh, and I’ve bought a copy of The Foolish and the Weak. It’s the white flame that did it. 😉

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