(4th) Cover Reveal for The Fall of Billy Hitchings (A John Reeves Novel)

The Fall of Billy Hitchings (A John Reeves Novel)

Yes, this is the fourth (I think) cover reveal for The Fall of Billy Hitchings since its release in November of last year. Each one better than the previous, and this should be the last one.

I released Wrath (A John Reeves Novel) in late August of this year and the cover art was designed by Amber McNemar from ethinkgraphics.com. I instantly fell in love with the cover and Amber’s ability to create exactly what I was looking for. That led me to the decision about updating the cover for The Fall of Billy Hitchings.

Since they are both part of the John Reeves series, I felt it worked better if they were similar in both style and feel.

Here it is, the fourth and final cover reveal for The Fall of Billy Hitchings (A John Reeves Novel) with some details below.

The Fall of Billy Hitchings - A John Reeves Novel

The John Reeves Creed: “Kill them with kindness. Unless you have a gun.”

Voted a 2012 Best Indie Book of the Year Top 5 Finalist in Mystery and Thriller on The Kindle Book Review!

Book Description:

John Reeves, an ex-Marine, drives to Myrtle Beach hoping to repair a damaged relationship with his fiancée. Instead, he finds her unconscious in the hospital, the victim of an unexplained explosion at a local restaurant.

Reeves meets Billy Hitchings, a teenager who knows more about the explosion than he should. Their questions lead to an ancient legacy best left alone.

Pulled into yet another crossfire, John Reeves fights to protect his friends and keep a primeval power from falling into the wrong hands.

What Readers are Saying:

“…the characters are superbly written, their intertwined relationships riveting and the actual source of Billy’s “fall” is nothing short of creative genius.”
Ashley Fontainne
Amazon Bestselling Author, Eviscerating the Snake Series

“…his moments of descriptive brilliance will leave you wanting more.”
S.M. Boyce
Author, The Grimoire: Lichgates

“I found myself, literally, on the edge of my seat hoping that one of my favorite characters did not just bite the big one.”
J. Scott Sharp
Author, Not Even There (A Short Story)

“If you want tried and true, staid and predictable, read something else.”
G.A. Albrethsen
Author, The Foolish and the Weak (Age of Restoration)

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