awardAnother award nomination! This Lucky 7 Meme award is unique in that you’re supposed to share a sample of your current work in progress.

Here is a quick shout out to the two awesome Tweeps (Twitter peeps) who nominated me.

Thanks to M.J. Kane (AKA @MJKaneBooks on Twitter). Check out her Lucky 7 sample from A Heart Not Easily Broken on her blog, This Writer’s Life.

Thanks to Sandra De Helen (AKA @dehelen on Twitter). Check out her Lucky 7 sample from The Illustrious Client on her blog, Red Crested Chatter.

As with the other award nominations, there are rules we must abide by. Here they are.

• Go to page 77 of your manuscript (or any part of your written work)
• Go to line 7
• Copy the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs into your post
• Give the award to 7 more writers and let them know!

Below is the current cover (it may change by the time it’s published) for 6th Deadly Sin and the Lucky 7 sample. Keep in mind, it’s still the first draft so it hasn’t been edited and it may change before completion. John Reeves just had Guinness spilled on his lap and he’s headed to the bathroom to clean up. Enjoy!


Cover Design by, Copyright 2012

6th Deadly Sin (A John Reeves Novel)

The bathroom walls had almost as many mirrors as the rest of the bar. Like I really want to look at every other guy taking a wiz.

The paper towels didn’t do much for his pants, but they looked a little better. He tossed the used towel into the trashcan and caught himself on the counter. He’d lost his balance.

Whoa, take her easy, John. He should have eaten a heavier lunch. Six pints was his usual limit when he had to drive, but he’d best call it a night if he wanted to make it home safe.

He opened the thick oak door, the only color in the bathroom not white, silver, or mirrored. He stepped into the lounge. The table to his right grew in size. His hands caught the edge just before he smashed his head. He’d been falling and not even realized it. Two college girls seated at the table shot him dirty looks and turned away.

“Sorry about that,” he mumbled.

Maybe I’m coming down with something. He hoped Holbrook would agree to drive him home.

He pulled himself standing and looked to the bar. Two kids sat in their seats at the bar. He searched the rest of the stools. Holbrook was gone.

“That’s kind of rude,” John muttered to himself. His words were garbled, as if he spoke through a long tube. The room spun, the edges of his vision darkened. “Oh shit.”

Catch the rest of the story late summer, 2012!

There it is. If you enjoyed the sample and haven’t had the opportunity yet, I suggest checking out the first John Reeves novel, The Fall of Billy Hitchings.

My Nominees for the Lucky 7 Meme Award

Now the fun part. I get to choose seven authors for the Lucky 7 Meme Award! This is my favorite part because I’m nosy. This gives me a chance to see what they’re working on.

A few of my nominations already have work published (Amazon bestsellers), a few are in the process, but they’re all wonderful and supportive friends. Here they are in no particular order.

K.J. Waters – Blondie in the Water
Robert Stanek –
Carmen DeSousa –
Carolyn Arnold –

Richard Weatherly – Welcome to My Place
J. Scott Sharp – J. Scott Sharp author
G.A. Albrethsen –

Thanks for stopping over today. I hope you check out the samples sure to come from my pals!

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