Bestselling Reads – The Answer to Your Fiction Needs

Bestselling Reads – The Answer to Your Fiction Needs

Bestselling Reads is a group of the latest and greatest indie authors from around the world coming together to bring readers bestselling books, bestselling deals, and bestselling promotional contests.

Why am I telling you all this?

shades-of-gray-andy-hollomanSomehow, I was invited to this amazing group. I get to spend more time with the likes of Claude Bouchard and Andy Holloman, and I mention those two specifically because they both use every chance they have to make me laugh. Okay, maybe they don’t do it just for me, but it feels that way.

Authors like Bouchard and Holloman are a bonus. The real reason we all came together (besides cracking me up) is to bring bestselling indie authors together, making it easier for avid readers to find the great fiction books they’re looking for.vigilante claude bouchard

Seriously, if you haven’t had a chance to check these guys out, give their books a gander. You’ll be delighted with Bouchard’s mysteries and police procedurals, and just as happy with Holloman’s debut novel, Shades of Gray. Click below to see their individual Amazon author pages.

Claude Bouchard’s Amazon Author Page

Andy Holloman’s Amazon Author Page

And that’s not all!

(Sorry. I’ve always wanted to use that corny infomercial line.)

You can find a great lineup of $.99 books all by this group of indie authors, but the best part for many of you… monthly promotions (or sometimes bi-monthly, the rules aren’t set in stone yet). Like right now. We’re giving away a FREE iPad Mini on February 28th!

I’ll say that again.


This is just the first of many promotions we’ll bring your way over the rest of 2013. I invite you to come on over to Bestselling Reads and check out some great indie authors. You can find horror, romance, fantasy, you name it and we probably have a book written in the genre.

You may wish to bookmark the page as well. Bestselling Reads is a new group so our content, our list of books, and our promotional events will continue to grow.

I’ll even make it easy and give you the links to the two pages I mentioned.



And just in case you’re nosy, here’s my author page on Bestselling Reads: Kirkus MacGowan on Bestselling Reads.

Be sure to check out the rest of the site as well. There are some wonderful blog articles for your reading pleasure. I hope to see you all over there!

(Edited 1/31/13 – Corrected a mistake about an author’s membership status.)

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    • Thanks, Tom! I thought the same thing. I jumped at the chance when I was invited. By the way, I’m pretty sure I responded to this comment already, lol. I’m sure you’ll be surprised by this, but I switched up my commenting system… AGAIN! Glad to see you’re able to comment again without too much trouble. :)

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